If you have been experiencing a few of these symptoms you might be in need of deliverance:
repetitive illness, financial troubles, addictions, rejection, crippling fear, depression, tormenting thoughts, desire to harm yourself, infertility, marriage troubles, constant set backs and more...
Deliverance sessions are 4 to 5 hrs. and by donation. To book a session contact us.
Have you been experiencing paranormal activity on your property or in your home, feel heaviness or oppression and have the feeling that something is not right? These are the signs that your home may be in need of spiritual cleansing. A house cleansing is about 2-3 hours and by donation. To book a house cleansing or have any questions you can contact us.
Spiritual House & Property Cleansing
Let's Talk About It is a ministry designed to help those who are in need to talk about concerns that are weighing them down spiritually while waiting for a deliverance appointment or in-between deliverance appointments. A team of two will meet with the person in need and minister by doing listening prayer (listening to God in prayer and releasing to the person what they just heard from Him).
Deliverance and house cleansing training take place late spring and late fall. Check TRAININGS for registration, times and dates.
Are you wanting to re-ignite your passion and your fire for Jesus. Ignite the Fire is a worship service with a short message, we then go right into worship for about an hour and a half. Following worship we have a time of soaking and prayer ministry for anyone who wants to stay and receive a word from the Lord.
Deliverance & House Cleansing Training
Let's talk about it

Ignite the Fire